What is Cost Relief in BC?

Provisions that are available under Worksafe BC (WSBC) Policy that allow for Employers to remove or reverse costs from their Experience Rating Account in order to reduce annual premium payments.

So What's the Problem?

Current WSBC policies, timelines and guidelines give cause for serious concern and have significantly diminished the ability of BC Employers to obtain Cost Relief.

The WCTL Solution

WCTL is highly successful in appealing for Cost Relief due to its collective expertise and proprietary software;

CASE MANAGERS identify Cost Relief Opportunities based on current policy and legislation.

OCCUPATIONAL PHYSICIANS AND SPECIALISTS provide the medical expertise to document all Cost Relief applications.

LAWYERS represent all matters on appeal.

TECHNOLOGY: WCTL  has added a new module to its proprietary suite of software that monitors the WSBC file for Time Loss days incurred, WSBC Cost Relief decisions,WSBC appeal timelines and limitations and other critical information.