Our Commitment to protecting your personal information.

Privacy - our commitment

Our commitment means we will protect your privacy and respect your right to have a say in how we collect, use and disclose your personal information. We have procedures in place which guide our employees in maintaining confidentiality. What has been our on-going business practice has now become our documented commitment to you.

In order to comply with privacy laws, Work Comp. Tech Ltd. (WCTL) has adopted principles for the protection of personal information, established related policies and procedures, and appointed a Privacy Officer. This document will give you a brief overview of our privacy commitments.

Personal Information

Why we need it

WCTL collects uses and discloses both personal and health information to help facilitate the recovery of injured workers - prompt safe recovery and rehabilitation of workers is our primary goal. By acting quickly and responsibly we minimize employer cost and maximize employee opportunity for full recovery.

How we collect information

We obtain this information directly from you, your employer and the Workers Compensation Board, as authorized by you and by law.

How information is disclosed or shared

Your personal and health information will only be used or disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected or as specifically authorized by you or as required or allowed by law. Typically, with consent, we will discuss the nature of the injury with treating physicians and care givers in order to facilitate your recovery. Information may also be disclosed or shared with:

  • Office staff whose duties normally include receipt of such information and who ensure that the proper parties receive this information;
  • Case management teams consisting of a case manager and nurse who use and disclose the information for the specified purposes;
  • Senior officers of WCTL who oversee all work related activities of their employees;
  • Consulting physicians who provide medical expertise to the case management team;
  • Legal counsel who provide legal advice and services to the case management team;
  • Workers Compensation Board as required;
  • Third party medical service providers as required;
  • Your employer, as designated to receive such information.

Opting Out

Any individual is entitled to withdraw their consent, at anytime, for the collection, use and disclosure of personal and health information by writing to WCTL¹s privacy officer. You will need to state your request and an effective date. Any withdrawal of consent is subject to legal and contractual or employment restrictions and considerations of your employer.

We will fully advise any dissatisfied person of their rights in the event WCTL is not able to fully satisfy their privacy related requests.